Maynard James Keenan Says Tool ‘Can’t Seem To Move Forward’ On New Album


Maynard James Keenan revealed in a new interview with that he hopes to record a new album with A Perfect Circle. As for Tool, Keenan’s words were a mixed bag, with optimism mixed with cynicism.

“We’ve found a common ground,” he said. “We just can’t seem to move forward.”

Keenan also discussed Puscifer’s Money Shot tour.

“I feel like watching a band kind of stand up there and regurgitate their songs…there’s something, just that element of the live performance, to me, is kind of boring,” he said.

“So I’d rather not present that. There should be a show around it,” Keenan said “At the end of the day, though, of course, the songs have to reach in and grab you somewhere. Music, the sound, has to penetrate. It can’t just all be all show and all potatoes and no meat…But we kind of take you outside your normal expectation of a show initially, kind of set you back on your heels.”

Guns N’ Roses member Chris Pitman is working with Tool on their highly anticipated new album. Pitman tweeted a photo over the weekend with the caption, “Studio nite, tracking, #dannycarey #beatrazr #kentbrisley #toolband.”

Pitman played guitars/electronics/lead vocals in ZAUM with Danny Carey of Tool, and toured with Tool in the past. In 1996, he played synths on the song “Third Eye.” He contributed sound effects and sound mixing to the band Failure, who A Perfect Circle covered on 13th Step when they did “Nurse Who Loved Me.” Pitman also played in the band Replicants with Paul D’Amour, after Paul left Tool.

Pitman also played with Danny Carey, Paul D’amour, Gregg Edwards (Failure) and Brad Laner (Medicine) in the one-off experimental alternative band Lusk, who released one album in 1997, Free Mars, and then never did anything else together again.