Blink-182 Discuss Collaboration With Fall Out Boy


Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus discussed collaborating with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump on the song “Sober” for Blink-182’s new album California during a recent interview with Matt Pinfield. Alternative Nation transcribed the quote.

“Sober was a song that we collaborated with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy on. He had the idea for a lyric that said, ‘I’m a dandelion, you’re a four leaf clover,’ which we thought was really cool. We kind of built the song around two different experiences, the first verse is all about Matt [Skiba]’s experience one time when he was a bicycle messenger living in Chicago and he got hit by a car, which is a strange thing for a song to be about.

Then the second verse is more of a story that I kind of made up about a drunken night with a girlfriend. It’s kind of a sentiment that I think we’ve all experienced once in our lives, like hang on a second, let me call you back when I’m sober. It’s about rebuilding yourself, finding yourself, and knowing you’re in a troubled place, but striving for something better.”

Blink-182 will release their new album California on July 1st. It is the band’s first album with Matt Skiba, and their first full length album since 2011’s Neighborhoods.