Blink-182 Five New Songs Finally Revealed


Blink-182 have seemingly announced their new album. Well, kind of. Today we are going to get a bit musically nerdy and talk about a deep dive into Blink’s new music. In a recent post on a fan forum, Blink fans found out that they band have registered five new songs: Turpentine, More Than You’ll Ever Know, Brain Candy, Dance With Me, and Here We Go.

With their infectious melodies, witty lyrics, and energetic performances, Blink-182 captured the hearts of a generation and it’s still going on today. However, the departure of co-founder Tom DeLonge left a void that fans have yearned to fill. With Delonge now back, we explore the anticipation surrounding the new Blink-182 album with Tom.

Via Reddit, a fan pointed out that five new songs were registered under all of the members names. This would mean that we are just about due for a release since everything is registered. When is the release date for the songs? We are yet to be sure about that, but I would imagine this summer.

Tom DeLonge is bringing tons of nostalgia to the table as fans are ready for the new record to drop. The longing for a new Blink-182 album with Tom DeLonge is a testament to the enduring connection between the band and its fans. It represents a desire for shared experiences and the belief that the band’s music holds the power to transcend time and bridge the gap between generations. The anticipation and hope expressed by fans exemplify the unwavering loyalty and appreciation they have for Blink-182’s music and the impact it has had on their lives.

The anticipation for a new Blink-182 album with Tom DeLonge is fueled by a deep-rooted love for the band’s music and the desire to recapture the magic of their past collaborations. It represents an eagerness to embark on a new musical journey and witness the evolution of a beloved group.