Dave Grohl Reacts To Guitar Being Thrown Near Him


During times like these, Foo Fighters continuously show why they are truly Our Heroes in rock.

Foo Fighters performed on Tuesday, August, 13th at Hungary’s Sziget Festival. On the final night of that festival, and after one of Dave Grohl and company’s most wholesome moments came in the form of inviting a wheelchair-bound, handicapped fan on stage to watch Foo Fighters’ set, the handicapped fan would take things one step further by showing everyone how extreme he could be.

After the group finished the set, which was after a stellar performance of their classic hit off of “ The Colour and The Shape” hit – Everlong, the fan took Grohl’s signature guitar, raised it above his head and threw it into the crowd.

Prior to this, Grohl reacted by stating the following:

Before that, Grohl added, “I would like to say that between the bubble girl [an able-bodied fan who was also invited on stage] and this man right here, and mother nature, I think we had a beautiful night.”

Video of the incident can be seen below

This is not the first time that Foo Fighters have invited fans up on stage. In fact, there are numerous examples from the past couple of years alone – from Dave Grohl inviting a sleepy fan on stage, to an example of Grohl drinking beer with a fan during one of their performances. In fact, fan interactions have gotten to become so-much of the experience of a Foo Fighters show that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl himself had to address this topic, stating that all encounters were indeed genuine and not faked in any way, shape or form.