Blink-182 Member In Foo Fighters Studio Photo Leaks


Blink-182’s Matt Skiba recently posted a picture on Instagram which saw Atom Willard at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606. This had led to speculation Willard joining Foo Fighters to replace the late drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

One of the fans wrote the following on Reddit:

“I’m honestly just glad to see him playing again. That wrecked he had was pretty severe.”

Another noted:

The video is from 2 days ago, he posted it with this caption: “Yesterday was another milestone in my recovery. And I guess just in life… my first time back to studio 606 since both my accident and Taylor’s passing. Always an incredible time working there and this time had extra weight with all that came with being in that room again. Played Taylor’s Gretsch Tom’s and Tama kick. I’m so thankful to even be ABLE to play like this again let alone less than 6 months after the crash.. more on what the project is later but for now, feeling lucky and sad all at once”

Another said: “He would be a fantastic replacement, not that it will happen or anything but damn it’d be powerful”

One of the fans further wrote:

“Great, underrated drummer. Got to see him with Against me years ago, he’s so great and has so much energy. always love to see someone bounce back from an injury”