Billie Eilish Valentine’s Bedroom Video Revealed


Billie Eilish took to Instagram recently to post up a promotion of her new fragrance line. In the video that Eilish posted, she is in her bed as lights flash and we see a close up of her upper body as well as her face.

The reason for the close up is because that’s how her fragrance looks. If you tilt the video, it does look exactly like the silhouette of her fragrance bottles.

Billie Eilish’s and her mother’s efforts to address climate change and promote sustainability with her tours and the way she lives her life has really been inspiring. UMG have been promoting this as well as their own efforts to promote sustainability and limit their carbon footprint and waste. Billie was given UMG’s Amplifier Award for her efforts recently.

She said (per Billboard): “I do as much as I can — I feel like I can always do more — but I feel very impressed and excited that you guys are actually making this a priority and thinking about it and doing your part to support me. I would just say I’m really thankful — I feel really seen right now. I spend a lot of my time feeling really anxious because I don’t feel like a lot of people, and especially people in the business, care very much, and it’s really nice to see that this is happening and that you guys do.”

Billie then went on to go off on the celebrities in attendance as she continued: “And I just wanted to say, everyone in this room, we can all do our part. I know a lot of you got some money in your f—in’ pocket, so you can use it for good things and not stupid things.”

She would then also thank her mother.