Blink-182 Member Suddenly Fired From Band?


Matt Skiba picked up the pieces when no one else could fill the shoes that Tom Delonge had left behind when he left Blink-182. The band would cut a decent amount of songs with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio and many fans were not too fond of the idea at first, but then when music started coming out by the new version of Blink-182, fans were actually pretty shocked.

Fans from around the world started to accept Matt Skiba as the newest member in Blink-182. The issue was never Matt Skiba with the lack of information that is out there currently on his standings with the band. In fact, Matt recently stated that he has no idea if he is still even in the band.

Between the ins and outs of Tom Delonge being in the news for aliens, Travis Barker in the media for production work and Kourtney Kardashian, and Mark Hoppus being in the media for some scares with severe illness; we often lost focus of Matt Skiba and some of us really forgot how important he was to Blink-182, if even for a short frame of time.

Matt Skiba gave us more Blink-182 when all thought that any kind of hope was lost. Thankfully, he was there. In a recent screenshot that leaked, it looks like fans have been asking if Matt Skiba was still in the band. A lot of fans shared the same question. Matt Skiba has commented back and seemingly asked himself the same question as it looks like he has no idea if he is still in the band at all.

Matt went on to say that he was thankful for his time in the band and if that was the final stand for him; then he is happy to have been there for the time that he was. Rumors are running rampant that Tom is back in Blink-182.

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