Blink-182 Singer Was Humiliated With Billie Joe Armstrong


Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus recalled telling Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong that he thought “J.A.M.” was their best song, and Billie Joe said, “Oh, that’s cool… Mike Dirnt wrote that one. It’s the only one of our songs that he wrote.” Hoppus panicked and said, “I love all your songs a lot. I’m sure there’s other ones I like just as much.” Hoppus said Billie Joe was “very gracious” in his response.

In other Green Day news, marking three decades of one of the most influential albums of all time, five-time GRAMMY® Award-winning band Green Day release the massive Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition out today.

As part of this blockbuster collection, the California trio celebrate their landmark 10x platinum, diamond-certified GRAMMY® Award-winning third full-length offering and major label debut by unveiling previously unreleased Dookie demos—4-Track Demos and Cassette Demos—and Outtakes as well as two seminal live recordings, Live At Woodstock (1994) – for the first time on DSPs – and the previously unreleased Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94).

Of course, the record also houses signature generational anthems “Basket Case,” “When I Come Around,” “Welcome To Paradise,” and “Longview,” among others. The band also just shared an upgraded 4k version of the “When I Come Around video” – watch HERE.

Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be available everywhere digitally as well as a limited-edition 6-LP vinyl box set and 4-CD box set. Plus, a special version of the 6-LP vinyl box set will only be available on the band’s web store and at indie record stores with each record pressed on a different shade of brown vinyl.

Loaded to the brim with collector’s items, the vinyl box set boasts a roll of Dookie dog poop bags, five-button set, air freshener, postcard, bumper sticker, kiss-cut large magnet sheet, paper airplane, a black-and-white “Coloring Page” cover litho insert, and a poster of the alternate cover art. The CD box set consists of two stickers, the five-button set, air freshener, and single soft vinyl magnet. Both box set versions feature a heartfelt personal intro penned by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Rob Cavallo and extensive liner notes from GRAMMY® Award winner Bob Mehr.

Dookie’s influence remains downright inescapable. It has sold a staggering 20 million copies worldwide and stands out as “the first punk album to be certified Diamond by the RIAA for North American sales in excess of 10 million.” Out of four 1995 GRAMMY® Award nominations, it notably garnered “Best Alternative Album.” Rolling Stone touted it on the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” and Pitchfork retrospectively christened it “one of the greatest teenage wasteland albums of any generation.” The Daily Beast remarked on “How Green Day’s Dookie Defined the 1990s and Changed Music Forever.” Speaking to its sustained impact, it has generated billions of streams to date.

To put it in perspective, Dookie has lived through five presidential administrations, Y2K, social media, a global pandemic, and the birth of countless acolytes. Most relationships don’t even make it past the holidays!!

However, there’s still nothing like it after all of this time.

Coming up, Green Day is set to electrify the main stage at When We Were Young Festival on October 21-22! Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements from Green Day. 👀

Green Day – Dookie: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Tracklisting

Vinyl Box (6 LPs):

LP 1: Dookie

LP 2: Dookie Demos

LP 3: Dookie Outtakes

LP 4: Live at Woodstock (1994)

LP 5 & 6: Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)

CD Box (4 CDs):

CD 1: Dookie

CD 2: Dookie Demos & Outtakes

CD 3: Live at Woodstock (1994)

CD 4: Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)


1. Burnout

2. Having A Blast

3. Chump

4. Longview

5. Welcome to Paradise

6. Pulling Teeth

7. Basket Case

8. She

9. Sassafras Roots

10. When I Come Around

11. Coming Clean

12. Emenius Sleepus

13. In The End

14. F.O.D.

15. All By Myself

Dookie 4-Track Demos:

1. Burnout

2. Chump

3. Pulling Teeth

4. Basket Case

5. She

6. Sassafras Roots

7. When I Come Around

8. In The End

9. F.O.D.

10. When It’s Time

Dookie Cassette Demos:

1. When I Come Around

2. Basket Case

3. Longview

4. Burn Out

5. Haushinka

6. J.A.R.

7. Having A Blast

Dookie Outtakes:

1. Christie Rd.

2. 409 In Your Coffeemaker

3. J.A.R.

4. On The Wagon

5. Tired of Waiting for You

6. Walking The Dog (demo)

Live at Woodstock (1994)

1. Welcome to Paradise (live)

2. One Of My Lies (live)

3. Chump (live)

4. Longview (live)

5. Basket Case (live)

6. When I Come Around (live)

7. Burnout (live)

8. F.O.D. (live)

9. Paper Lanterns (live)

10. Shit Show (live)

Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94)

1. Welcome to Paradise (live)

2. One of My Lies (live)

3. Chump (live)

4. Longview (live)

5. Burnout (live)

6. Only Of You (live)

7. When I Come Around (live)

8. 2000 Light Years Away (live)

9. Going to Pasalacqua (live)

10. Knowledge (live)

11. Basket Case (live)

12. Paper Lanterns (live)

13. Road to Acceptance

14. Dominated Love Slave (live)

15. F.O.D. (live)

16. Christie Rd. (live)

17. Disappearing Boy (live)