Brian Johnson Could Take Major Step In Replacing Axl Rose In AC/DC Next Year


A fan named Ace has posted on that he has reached out to Asius Technologies, who recently met with former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson to try to help him with his hearing problems. Asius Technologies sent the following response, sharing that they will be seeking crowdfunding in 2017 to create the product that could save Brian Johnson’s hearing and get him back on stage.

“Hi Ace, we have been working with Brian and other high profile rockers on the prototypes of this device. The miniaturization requires partnering with another company, and we have an agreement in place.

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to sell our hearing protection earbuds in the very near future. Proceeds from this crowdfunding effort will aid the miniaturization effort, and a follow up crowdfunding in early 2017 is slated to produce the device you are wondering about.

While there is no guarantee as to the success of the crowdfunding, this is our intent. So please spread the word, tell people you know who may need this solution to sign up on our email list at so they can be among the first to know when the launch occurs.”

Johnson left AC/DC earlier this year due to hearing problems, and he was replaced by Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.