William DuVall Says Post-Layne Staley Alice In Chains Has ‘Earned Right’ To Exist


The Phoenix New Times recently interviewed Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall.

When asked if he feels like Alice In Chains is his band now, he said it does. “Yeah, it certainly feels a lot more so than in years past. A decade — that’s a long time and we’ve done a lot. I think at this point this incarnation of the band has more than earned its right to exist.”

DuVall said he no longer feels like the ‘new guy’ in Alice In Chains, “No, I don’t. (Laughs)”

He also discussed Alice In Chains touring without new material, “It’s fine. Alice In Chains is lucky enough to have the kind of fans that will show up regardless, and there is obviously never any shortage of songs to play. America is so big that you can do a cycle around the country and still miss so many cities, which then allows you to go back and do another cycle to hit all the places you didn’t get the first time around or even the second time around. Every night onstage, it’s gonna be different no matter what; there are so many variables to putting on a live show. Just because you don’t have new material, it’s not like it’s not gonna be this completely sort of fresh and exciting experience.”

William DuVall’s band Giraffe Tongue Orchestra recently released its debut album Broken Lines. Click here to read Alternative Nation’s interview with DuVall.