Brian Johnson Responds To Fans Wanting Him To Replace Axl Rose In AC/DC


AC/DC Brasil have published a touching story of former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson recently inviting fans into his home after they dropped off a letter at his house.

“Finally, after 35 years being a fan [of Brian Johnson], I decided to try to meet him. I had thought about it many times in the past. My family and I took the car and found his home. It seemed that no one was there, so I decided to leave a letter in his mailbox.”

“Now ready to go away when suddenly he and his wife arrive. What a moment! I introduced myself and told him the reason for being there, and both he and his wife, were very gracious and kind to us.”

“So then he told his wife that he wanted us to enter a little. Now, inside the house of this legend, we talked about the band, about his hearing problem, how I became a fan and things like that. He showed my son his race cars and my son sang ‘T.NT.’ him. He was a true ‘gentleman.'”

“He told me he is taking injections as treatment of hearing and is very positive. I told him that all fans want him back and he said, ‘You’re a nice guy.'”

New AC/DC frontman Axl Rose also hung out with fans yesterday in Sevilla. See photos of the two legendary singers with their fans below!