Britney Spears Looks Unhinged In Twerking Video


Britney Spears is taking the world by storm yet again as she went on her Instagram to show everyone that she isn’t afraid to be herself. Britney has been under the microscope for so long that it’s time for her to really let loose and that she did in a recent post on her Instagram.

Taking to Instagram, Britney posted up a video of her dancing in what seems to be a nightgown style dress. In the video, she twists and turns and really gives it all to the camera.

She said on her post: “I’ve always thought a baby pink dress would be lame honestly but with a tan it’s actually really pretty … although it’s been icy outside and most days you can’t go out ❄️ !!! There have been a few days I couldn’t help it and went to the garden 🪴!!! I look much younger with a tan but I dunno … a lot of people say it makes you look older … what do you guys think 🤔 ??? Whatever you guys do stay inside !!! There is a huge storm out there ☔️ !!!”

This video comes after we have learned that there may be a court case brewing in the waves of the Spears family as people spied on Spears over the course of her father’s reign on her. As of now, there’s not a ton of movement that way, but there still seems to be a case there that will go through a trial.

Hard to say how the case will play out, but the evidence all seems to be there.

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