Britney Spears New Haircut After Meltdown Revealed


Popular singer Britney Spears recently claimed that she cut her hair “a lot” last night – telling fans she has shaved off “two and a half to three inches” before heading out with friends.

Britney Spears opens up on the matter

The Toxic hitmaker was out in Malibu again as she opened up about a new “mystery” in her life after cutting back her long blonde locks. She had already been out with husband Sam Asghari at celebrity hotspot Nobu before heading back to the posh eatery again last night with friends.

The second time, the chart-topping songstress decided to change her appearance, claiming to give herself a haircut and style before heading out town with friends.

Taking to Instagram for a new lengthy caption post, Britney explained: “Okay I like things that are a little bit of a mystery️.

“Well last night before I went out again to Nobu for the second time … ok I was hungry !!! I cut my hair !!! A lot … like maybe 2 and a half or three inches.

“My whole head of hair was curled not straight at all! My friend sent me a pic of me going inside and my hair is longer than it was before I cut it! And it’s straight … uhhhhhh what the heck.”

Her hair doesn’t look noticeably shorter in a recent upload thought to be taken on the same night out, showing the group of pals around a giant fig tree.

Britney penned: “Another mystery … me and friends went to visit my favorite tree last night !!! I take a pic with it every year️ !!! !!!

“Well I stood in the exact same place as last year … why the hell was the tree so damn big last year ??? Uhhhhh !!!”