Mick Jagger Doctor Brutally Rips Singer After Surgery


The doctor who invented the heart surgery that saved Mick Jagger’s life last week told AFP in a new interview that he is not a fan of The Rolling Stones.

Professor Alain Cribier told AFP, “I am not especially a fan of the Rolling Stones but I am pleased with the outcome. What is moving is to think about all the patients who have benefited from the procedure.”

Mick Jagger’s brother Chris told the Sunday People after the surgery, “Mick is doing OK. I spoke to him… he’s good. It just showed up on a scan so it could happen to anybody, you know.

“It happened to Joe. He came back from walking the dogs and his wife found him collapsed on the sofa. He had this valve problem.

“His father died from it. It was hereditary. With Mick it came on a check-up.

“That is why when you get to a certain age they want to check for this, check for that. You get to 70, you got to be careful, you know.

“I’ve had a few health issues. At least he has not got to wait in line for the NHS.”

The Stones had to cancel US gigs because of Mick’s op. And Chris added: “Maybe he will slow down. Touring is a pressure.”