Britney Spears Sadly Humiliated By Teen Sons


It should come as zero surprise that the former queen of pop, Ms. Britney Spears, is reportedly spiraling down a rabbit hole of depression. As I have addressed previously – money, fame and all that come along with it DO NOT provide anyone with a true sense of happiness. That only comes from a deep relationship with the Lord and Savior. Ms. Spears’ alleged latest downward spiral is due to her relationship with her sons. Want to know more. Read on…

As per TMZ, Britney Spears was seen driving alone in Los Angeles amid rumors of close family and friends attempting to stage an intervention for the pop icon.

Many close to her fear that the Toxic singer could be spiraling into a depressive episode caused by allegedly not being able to see her kids.

The pop sensation posted a video Friday where she appeared irritated while dancing in her new home. “I didn’t die people,” she captioned the clip. “I’m here. I’m alive. I’m very much alive and well and I’ve got my fur here, you see I’m feeling myself.”

Despite her repeated denials that anything is wrong, a source close to Spears claimed, “Everybody is worried about her because she is very depressed.” They added that the pop star has lost her normal “bubbly” demeanor and has become a complete introvert.

The source claims that one of the biggest triggering factors with her depression is her distant relationship with her two sons. Last year, it was confirmed that 17-year-old Sean Preston and 16-year-old Jayden, who Spears shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline, have temporarily stopped visitation with their mother.

“The problem is she is very sad that her sons won’t see her, she feels awful about it, it is a big hole in her heart,” the source added. “She is a mother of two boys and she never sees them, I think any mother would be heartbroken over that.”

It’s sad to hear that Spears is going through this.