Eddie Vedder Made Bold Remark To A-List Star At Beach

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Bradley Cooper revealed that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder ran into him at the beach in Hawaii, and warned him that ‘A Star Is Born’ couldn’t be done right, WFTV reports:

The sound of Jack’s guitar, and Cooper’s style of playing it, was influenced by Neil Young.

“I liked this idea of (Jack) almost lumbering onstage; that he’s not this butterfly flying through the guitar. I wanted him to be very sort of muscular. And Neil, I love the way he plays the guitar. When Jack is onstage is when he’s most himself. He takes his hat off when he goes on stage. He sheds it all. That fuels it and he’s been living on that for years — that and painkillers. But that’s where he gets that fix. And Neil, when I watch him play, it’s like he’s in a trance.”

Cooper also recalls telling Eddie Vedder, his buddy and onetime pen pal (“Does that even exist anymore?” he jokes), about his ideas for “A Star Is Born.” The two bumped into each other a few years ago in Hawaii, where Vedder and his family were vacationing and Cooper was filming what became the 2015 Cameron Crowe dud, “Aloha.”

“(Eddie) was like, ‘Oh, man, people will never get this right,’” Cooper said.

Instead, Cooper aimed to get all of the minutiae right, and credits Vedder for “sharing so much of what he’s been through” to aid in the details.