Butch Vig On Why The Next Nirvana Is Coming Soon


In a new interview with Faster Louder, Nirvana’s Nevermind producer and Garbage drummer Butch Vig discussed why he believes there will be another artist that will make the same cultural impact of Nirvana.

“I do think it is possible. It wont be the same, obviously, because someone isn’t going to buy 20 million CDs even if someone comes out with a mind-blowing record. But I think from a cultural standpoint, when Nevermind came out it was the perfect timing. It talked to a generation of people of young music fans who didn’t understand where they were in life. And somehow Kurt spoke to them – the same way Bob Dylan did, and the same way John Lennon did.

There will be another band that comes out with a record like Nevermind. Another artist. It could be a folk hip-hop singer. It could be a jazz musician. There is no way to know. Someone has got to write a record that is powerful and speaks to the culture now about what is going on in the world and they also have to write fucking killer songs. If you write killer songs you can be as big as Nirvana.”

He later said, “And that is the way music has always been – it’s always about cycles, you know. When something gets really popular, it gets mass exposure and a lot of fans behind it. Then something new comes along much like Nirvana did in 1991 and kicks it in the head and then everyone sort of moves into a new direction. If I knew what the next direction was – trust me I’d be out there trying to sign some artists right now. I don’t know what its going to be but there will be something new coming down the pipe soon.”

Alternative Nation tends to agree with Vig, as it looks like we already have the man who will make Grunge great again.