Pearl Jam ‘Pencil In’ Dates For 2022 Tour


Jeff Ament, the bassist of Pearl Jam, recently opened up about upcoming Pearl Jam tour dates which he is pumped to let out. As of now, he can’t say too much because of the dates possibly having to be rescheduled.

Via Pearl Jam online, Jeff stated that Pearl Jam have all sorts of stuff penciled in, but no real details on anything, just that they are excited to get out and added Eddie Vedder’s US shows are the test to see how it goes. Vedder is currently about to launch a new solo album with his band – the Earthlings, that makeup of some very recognizable names including Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and bassist Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction.

Andrew Watt is producing the record and he stated: “We just had a ball together, laughing and hanging out, popping beers and making the kind of music that we all love”. “I’m so excited for everyone to hear [Earthling]. We’re just finishing up the mixes and stuff, and I’m just really excited. I don’t want to say too much besides just to hear his voice in front of me and get to play guitar and bass under that? It’s like a celebration.”

Earthling will be landing on Earth on February 11th and while it’s scheduled for pre-orders, a disclaimer note does say that due to issues in the supply chain, deluxe CD and vinyl formats won’t be able to ship until June of this year. Vedder’s nine-show tour will in addition, include stops in New York City, Newark (New Jersey), Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle. This would be Vedder’s first solo album since 2011’s smash, Ukulele Songs. Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr and Elton John will also be contributing to the album as well.