Chester Bennington’s Bandmate Reveals Why Ex-Wife Is ‘Lying Deceitful Human’


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s former Grey Daze bandmate and business partner Sean Dowdell has responded to Chester’s ex-wife Samantha Bennington’s recent rant where she called his widow Talinda ‘evil,’ and accused her of repeatedly calling her and Chester’s son Draven with the late singer’s phone following his death.

Dowdell wrote, “You don’t know Sam so you are speaking on something you don’t know. She is a lying deceitful human. Chester hated her and only got along good enough for his son. The bad hated her, nobody will agree with her version of events.”

“1. I wrote a book with all of the details, Chester wrote the forward & loved the book. Wouldn’t he say something to me if I lied about the facts? Let alone write the forward & help me promote it? Lol Sam is a complete liar.”

Read all of his tweets about Samantha Bennington below, and if you missed her comments, you can read them below the tweets.

Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha wrote the following on Facebook a couple of days ago. Keep in mind these are all claims made by Samantha Bennington, Talinda Bennington has not made any comments about these allegations:

Listen up! For the few of us that were even there in the beginning you have your version of a delusion truth!

So since you have to talk about me in any public forum you wish now it’s my turn and yes you bother me in any form you possibly can reach me even though I block you from every SM outlet.

So let me clear up a few rumors.

Stop sending me messages on FB messenger, Talinda stop calling me on Facebook messenger yes and over this Thanksgiving holiday give up already! Really ?? You call my son from his deceased father‘s cell phone thats evil & disturbing.

You call us both from his phone back to back on a Tuesday school night at 10 PM that is really disgusting behavior if you love my son as equal which we all know you don’t and there’s a judgment against you and you’re not even allowed to be around my child that has been in place for years while Chester was alive, then why would you even think it would be OK to call him from his deceased father cell phone? Or at all for that matter? You never even called him to wish him a happy birthday or to tell him his father passed away! So with Chester’s phone you call Draven & my cell phone?? It reads.. “dad” two minutes later my phone rings “Chester” then two minutes later “dad”then two minutes later “Chester”you people are evil !!! go away!!!

Chester left Grey Daze because Sean was so afraid of involving him on the business side of the band, I know you were scared that he was going to leave you, he would’ve never left you if you would’ve included him, that’s the one part you didn’t hear him say behind our bedroom doors. Sean you kept Chester from all business matters the only one that didn’t agree with keeping him out of biz was mace, The way I saw things, Mace had his back.

I came home from work and Chester and Pops (his father) we’re off to Sean’s house to get all his equipment and quit the band. I was shocked! I was the last one to know he was leaving Grey Daze! Shortly after Chester quit GD The band got a new female vocalist then they went on the radio with Greg Paul I think that’s his name it’s been so long since I’ve even thought of this person‘s name but he was like the Stryker of Local radio station in Phoenix Arizona.

The band did an interview, and Sean went on saying on LIVE radio when he was asked by Greg “so what is it feel like to have a female vocalist?”Sean, proceeded to say” it feels no different we’ve always had a girl singing for us.”. Let me tell you something Sean, Chester and I were in a car driving home from work and he pulled over and we listened to your interview it was very hurtful to him that’s why you weren’t friends with him for years. That’s why you weren’t in our lives or in our marriage for 6 to 7 years.

Chester talk shit about me after our divorce of course !! We got a divorce what do you expect?! In a Divorce all people do is blame each other, they’re angry, they’re bitter, they’re sad, they’re all fucked up that’s called not a happy time in your life.

Only thing that matters is that we made up and I had my friend back. I spent many years going to counseling and coparenting with Chester and we split everything 50-50. I have all the records to prove it and I’m the one who divorced him, so of course he was angry, they’re public records you moron! Unfortunately and fortunately Chester confided in us more than you know!

My son doesn’t want to go into the house that his father hung himself in and stop trying to force him! I don’t care what your opinion is, I don’t care what you think is true, you have your version and I have my truth, along with the last statements that Chester shared with Draven and I personally. Now stop trying to paint me as the Yoko Ono of your little band. If you want to dish out the credit, I’ll take it because he went on to become one of the biggest rock stars in the world and thank you for pushing him out of your own band and giving him the space to create something grand for the whole entire world to relate to!

On another note we are going to always honor my sons father, my ex-husband’s last words to us! Some of those words about you, his wife (that he clearly asked for a divorce from) and the list goes on!! I won’t share everything now but I will share this he was very clear to stay away from all of you! He didn’t trust anyone & told me not to trust any of you either! He told me that every time we spoke.

If you want to contact me ever! contact my attorney’s or my business managers they would be more than happy to take your calls and I’d be more than happy to pay them instead of dealing with any of you disturbing my son and I ever again.