U2 Losing Original Member On 2023 Tour?


Words of combat have been spoken. But in reality, a threat has been voiced. If the Irish band, whose lead singer once sung in a choir, “U2” plan on touring in 2023, it will not consist of band member Larry Mullen Jr. Larry is U2’s drummer, and years of touring have taken a toll on the aging drummer’s body.

As per Consequence Net, years of drumming have finally taken their toll on Larry’s body and he now needs surgery.

U2 have had the same four-piece lineup since 1976 – almost fifty years! According to drummer Larry Mullen Jr., that could change in the year of our Lord, 2023.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Mullen said he probably wouldn’t join the band on the road if they decide to tour next year, since he requires surgery from years of performing.

Larry said: 

“You only do this if you’re having the best time,” Mullen stated. “And not everyone is going to make it because the price is so high. So I think the challenge is for more generosity. More openness to the process. I am autonomous and I value my autonomy. I don’t sing from the same hymn sheet. I don’t pray to the same version of God. So everyone has their limits. And you only do this if it is a great time you’re having, you know?”

Mullen’s statement seems more like a pragmatic pause than a threat of quitting U2 – to some. To me it clearly states that he is retiring from active drum bashing. In a Twitter for twits thread written after the Post profile was published, journalist Geoff Edgers addressed concerns regarding Mullen’s health by sharing other quotes the drummer said in their interview. This further supports the notion that Larry has beaten his last beat. Don’t edit and soundbite that statement. It will sound as though I said his heart beat its last beat, and that is not the case.