Chester Bennington New Song With Slash Revealed


Reports stated by Linkin Park forum that Big Chris Flores, a record producer and sound engineer who worked on Slash’s 2010 debut album, gave the site a snippet of an unreleased song in which the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington had worked on for the album. It was noted that it had been titled ‘Crazy’ and the song was eventually reworked into ‘Dr. Alibi’ with Lemmy Kilmister on vocals because Warner Bros. Records didn’t allow Chester to be on the album.

Chris Flores provides an update on the album

A year later, we have an update on the song from Chris Flores:

“The version we all heard on WHYS Radio last year was a demo with programmed bass and drums done by Chris himself. He is currently in the studio with Matt Starr (of Ace Frehley) and Robert DeLeo (Chester’s former bandmate from Stone Temple Pilots) to record live instruments for the song. Slash’s guitar parts and Chester’s vocals will remain the same in the final version.”

However, there’s no release date for the song yet, but they already have Slash’s blessing to release it. Once the song is finished, it will be sent to Talinda, Chester Bennington’s widow for her approval. Meanwhile, you can listen to a sneak peek of the demo version below:

Linkin Park multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda recently talked about the future of the band during a Twitch livestream, as reported by Loudwire. The musician stated that there are no plans by the band to record new music or perform any live shows in the near future:

“The only Linkin Park news that I have for you is that… Yeah, we talk every few weeks… There’s no tours, there’s no music, and there are no albums in the pipeline. Let me just tell you that. Just keep in your minds that that is not happening. I’m just gonna say that much for now.”

“Anytime the band says anything or does anything, everyone tries to start up the hype train. And we’re like ‘No, no, no, no. Don’t start the hype train. You’re going to disappoint yourself.'”