Chester Bennington & Slash New Song Leaks


Linkin Park Live reports that Big Chris Flores went to WHYS Radio on May 16, 2021 to preview and announce the upcoming release of ‘Crazy,’ an unreleased collaboration between Slash and Chester Bennington recorded for Slash’s 2010 self-titled album.

Yunashe posted a ‘most unpopular Linkin Park opinions’ list on the band’s Reddit page as well today, as fans await the band’s possible return.

1 – Numb is actually a song that, while the intro drives everyone crazy, Chester singing the chorus on live performances NEVER sounds the same as the studio versions, even during the Hybrid-Meteora Era, before his voice started to deteriorate (but i guess that’s not really an issue for those who actually were on his shows)

2 – (Brazilian-Only) – about the São Paulo show in 2012. While the setlist was AWESOME, i feel Chester’s voice wasn’t at its best that day. The 2014 show in Belo Horizonte was soooo much better

2.1 (still about Brazil) – that 2014 show is the one i wanted to go, instead of the 2017 one, where they performed songs from OML on a festival that featured bands such as Slayer, Rise Against, Pennywise (whether you liked the album or not, let’s just say it was really weird performing Heavy, and then switching to Papercut right after)

3 (not really unpopular) – a music video for Rebellion could really have helped The Hunting Party era to have more notoriety. I’d imagine a video similar to From the Inside, but more aggressive