What Chester Bennington Told Last Person To See Him Alive At Home Just Prior To Death Revealed


The following is from the County of Los Angeles, Department of Coroner Investigator’s Narrative’s new report on late Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington’s death:

On 07/20/2017 while on scene I conducted an interview with Officer Belda and he related to me the following information. The descendent was last seen alive by the housekeeper at his residence at the above location on 07/19/2017 around 2230 hours and nothing out of the ordinary was reported. She left the residence at that time and returned on 0720/2017 around 0830 hours. Around 0850 hours she discovered him unresponsive and hanging with a ligature around his neck in his bedroom. She dialed 911 and Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 2 responded. Captain Avedissian pronounced death on scene at 0908 hours without medical intervention. Paramedics removed a prescription bottle from the nightstand and placed it on a dresser. His wife was notified by [redacted] and Officer Belda also spoke with her from the scene. The decedent had reportedly returned from a family vacation in Arizona on the night of 07/19. [Redacted] was still in Arizona and was en route to Los Angeles after being notified.

On 07/20/2017 while on scene I conducted an interview with [redacted] and she related to me the following information. She had known and was employed by the descendent for approximately two years. She routinely came to the residence daily and let herself in with a key. On 07/19/2017 the decedent arrived home around 2230 hours while she was in the bathroom. She did not see him enter the house and saw him when he was already upstairs after he had put his bags away. There was nothing out of the ordinary reported about his behavior. She left the residence approximately five minutes later and he told her that he would be leaving for work early the next morning, around 0430 hours. On 07/20 around 0830 hours she arrived at the residence and let herself in with her key. She did not hear anything and assumed he had already left. Around 0845 hours and Uber vehicle pulled into the driveway and she went upstairs to check if he was there. He did not answer knocks on the door and she let herself into the unlocked bedroom. She discovered him unresponsive and dialed 911. She did not move the decedent or any items in the room.