Chester Bennington Widow Rips Horrible Boyfriend Lie


Late Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots frontman Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda Bennington announced her engagement a few days ago, and she is now responding to a false rumor that she really got engaged in November 2017, just four months after Chester died by suicide at their home.

“I absolutely did NOT get engaged in Nov of 2017!!! Please stop listening to someone who no longer knows me or MY family and is desperately trying to stay relevant.”

lhcluiz posted a message on Reddit in support of Talinda, “Talinda has every right to move on, for some 2 years is a short time, but for others it’s a long time. She was always by Chester’s side, she was aware of his depression, helping him. He went to the psychiatrist, she really struggled beside Chester against this darkness. She has no super power to avoid a fatality, to avoid Chester’s suicide, she tried to save him

Talinda is not obliged to be alone for the rest of her life, just because her husband has died, she has a right to love someone again. But that doesn’t mean she’ll forget Chester, she’s honoring Chester, depression awareness campaign, palettes and interviews, all to honor Chester.

Talinda is following and honoring Chester’s legacy and Chester believed in love, compassion, and respect. The person Talinda is going to marry is recent in her life, she met this person in 2018/2019, this person helped her overcome her suffering, I believe this engagement/marriage has the CHESTER’S BLESSING.

Chester loved Talinda, and he was never a selfish person, if there is one person who will make her happy again, he will be happy about it, Chester has always been altruistic, thought of others. Let’s support Talinda and honor Chester’s legacy.” Mike Shinoda reacted to Talinda Bennington’s engagement over the weekend.