Ozzy Osbourne Money Spent On Drugs Revealed


Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler discussed smoking dope with Ozzy Osbourne in a new Kerrang Magazine interview, and how they spent a lot of money on drugs as they got richer. Ozzy Osbourne recently made a bold drug demand at a hospital.

“Originally, we all liked smoking weed, but we didn’t have enough money then to be able to afford the other stuff. So the more money we got, the more drugs we could afford. It started around our first American tour on [1970 album] Paranoid, then we wrote Sweet Leaf on [1971’s] Master Of Reality, we were all heavily smoking dope on that album.”

Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed a drug worse than heroin. He also told a wild story about smoking with Ozzy, “By this point, I’d moved out of my mum’s house and got a flat with my girlfriend. I was really interested in black magic and painted my entire room black, with inverted crucifixes all over the place. It was back when we were called Polka Tulk and Ozzy had brought me this black magic book in Latin or something.

We had a few joints and he left me with it. Later that night, I put the book in the airing cupboard outside on the landing, and I went to bed. I woke up scared to death, there was this big black shape looking in at me. Whether it was a dream or not, who knows, but it was very real at the time. I got really frightened by it all. I immediately got up and associated it with the book Ozzy had given me, but the book had vanished! I told Ozzy the next day and that’s how he came up with the lyrics for Black Sabbath.” You can read the full story at Kerrang.

Post Malone told Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 about recording with Ozzy Osbourne a couple of days ago, “Ozzy Osbourne, baby. I was in Utah because I had just got off tour. It’s good, right? Ozzy went over to [producer Andrew] Watt’s house. You’ve talked a lot before. He’s a maniac. I said, ‘Hey, you know what? Ozzy Osborne’s coming down, we’re going to cut it and I’ll FaceTime you. And you let me know what’s going on.

We talked and it was, like, a big deal. Yeah. Ozzy Osbourne. I think he crushed it. I mean, he was talking to Watt and Watt was telling me he was like this, ‘Yo, this is my favorite that I’ve done since, you know, Sabbath and since I started my own, own way.’ I was like, ‘That’s huge.’ I’m, like, honored. ‘Thank you very much.'” Ozzy Osbourne called out a ‘rock star’ drug dealer last week.