Chester Bennington’s Widow Going To The Beach With Mike Shinoda’s Wife Is Beautiful


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda shared a photo of herself at the beach with Mike Shinoda’s wife Anna. See the beautiful photo and Talinda’s tweets about it below.

Anna Shinoda wrote the following after Chester Bennington’s death in July:

Memories keep sideswiping me,

jarring me back to last week or last month or 18 years ago.

I grasp at them.

I grab all the details and I beg them to become that permanent part of memory – that place where the wooden fence broke under my leg, leaving me with this scar; that place where I can feel my husbands hand gliding my wedding ring on my finger; that place where you introduced us to Talinda for the first time, backstage in a hallway of cement blocks, you both completely confident in your love; that place where I hear you singing to my kids on the boat on the way to the O2 arena.

You thought with your heart;

Passion guided every step, movement, decision, moment.

A heart that big couldn’t help but to love so fiercely, hurt so fiercely.

You were love and magic and joy.