Major Update On Eddie Vedder Losing Voice, Will Pearl Jam Tour Continue?


Pearl Jam were forced to postpone their second show at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday due to Eddie Vedder losing his voice, but according to Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam, things are looking good for the rest of the European tour going forward.

He posted on the Ten Club forums, “News from. Italy are good 🙂 Milan here i come tomorrow.”

dimitrispearljam has broken several news stories about Pearl Jam over the years, including major tour news, so while this is not an official statement by any means, it is a positive reports for fans worried about Eddie Vedder’s voice and the rest of the tour.

Pearl Jam have postponed their second show in London after Eddie Vedder ‘completely lost his voice.’

See the full announcement below.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder discussed visiting a voice doctor at the band’s London show. He appears to be okay though he didn’t go in detail about the meeting, but he did recall a funny exchange about Adele and former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. Below is the setlist and part of the recap from Pearl Jam’s O2 Arena show.

01. Of The Girl
02. Low Light
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Animal
(greets audience)
05. Brain Of J

(After twenty plus years being together we are getting more honest with each other. Not very presidential of us. Ed goes on to explain that he saw a voice doctor today. “He was checking me and I said I would give him £10,000 to give me a voice like Adele.” Doc replied “That is a million dollar voice but for 59 quid I can make you sound like Liam Gallagher. The audience is a bit shocked and laughs. Ed says look, I am joking. I know Liam and he is a tough guy from a tough town and he can take it. Besides it would take £100,000 to get me to look like him.” “Anyway the sad songs will sound sadder and the angry songs will sound angrier tonight. But who needs a singer when you’ve got Matt Cameron behind you? And Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, ( ? and Jeff)
06. Even Flow
07. Wishlist
08. Deep
(Ed talks about coming to UK for the first time when mixing Ten. It was source of all the music they liked and so much culture. He name checks The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Jam. He also says it is the first time his younger brother Mike has been to the UK or Europe. The next song is about maybe taking too many drugs. The line about the dragon was inspired by a trip Mike had where a dragon came out of the sky and punched it.)
09. Severed Hand
10. Love Boat Captain
11. Can’t Deny Me
12. Do The Evolution
13. Down
14. Daughter / WMA

(To intro the next song Ed introduces Matt “the mighty” Cameron. He then spots a shirt in the crowd and asks the camera man to show it on the screen. “I got the name wrong. It is actually ‘Matt fuckin’ Cameron’. “I know your mom Matt and she is really hard core. So thanks Matt for all of your contributions to music, whether it is the band, Soundgarden or NudeDragons or whatever. And he wrote this next song”. )
15. You Are
(It was pointed out to me that we have never played this song on this continent or anywhere near it. So this is for Paul who mentioned it.)
16. Parting Ways
17. Porch (Ed goes into the crowd. At end of song he pours wine into a Trump mask. At the very end of Porch Mike plays the opening riff of “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” -(Page & Plant) Led Zeppelin. Lasts about 3 seconds. Adapted from Blind Willie Dixon song)

Encore Break
(Ed thanks the audience for their energy and their singing. Ed is amazed at the amount of grape flavored cough syrup (wine) he is drinking. He points out some people from a self made charity called “Given To Live”. They go out and find people who need some help and the bring them to shows and other things. Because they walked 116 miles to get to the show he dedicates the next song to them. It is about traveling)
18. Off He Goes
(Ed’s brother Mike comes up on stage. “Sometimes it is your younger brother and friends that teach you everything you know. And you have to include older musicians.” He then says the next song is a true story but isn’t sad because it is on ukulele)
19. Sleeping By Myself
20. Footsteps
(“Okay, this is teachers, parents and priests…teachers and parents and priests oh my”)
21. Mind Your Manners
22. Why Go
23. Better Man
(Ed thanks the audience especially the people way up top. He asks if anybody from Tunisia is here and are they happy? (World Cup references) He points out all the flags.)
24. Last Kiss-(Cochran) (performed to the audience behind the stage)
25. Black / You’re The Best Thing About Me-(Clayton, Evans, Mullen, Hewson) U2. Tag is 1:40, five seconds of riff for “Over The Hills And Far Away”-(Page & Plant) Led Zeppelin.
26. Alive
27. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) (Mike ends with 30 seconds of Dazed and Confused)