Chester Bennington’s Widow Wants To ‘Stand Up’ With Rose McGowan To Another Hollywood Heavyweight


Actress Rose McGowan, who has accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, tweeted the following: “Help! I’m being harassed by @HarveyLevinTMZ He is hanging something over my head. He is on HW’s payroll. -Levin, you motherfucker, I’m trying to stop an international rapist. WTF have you done with your scumbag life? Back the fuck up. #ROSEARMY.”

Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda responded, “He’s not going to stop hurting others unless we speak up & stand together against him and his filthy media outlet.”

Talinda has heavily criticized TMZ since they published news of a previous suicide attempt by Chester and details from his autopsy report. She has sought to create ‘Chester’s Law’ to make it illegal in California to share medical records of the deceased.