Green Knuckle Material’s Renaissance Is An Incredible Treat For Late 90’s Rock Fans


Bergen County, New Jersey serves as the launching pad for country-infused, rap-rock one of a kind indie giants Green Knuckle Material. Comprised of one part fierce, crisp rapping, one part subtle, wonderfully passionate singing and equal parts of unadulterated enthusiasm, Green Knuckle Material are unlike anything you’ve heard in a long time. A musical unicorn, if you blink, there’s a chance you might miss their magic; but it’s far more likely Green Knuckle Material are here to stay.

While everyone sits frustrated and stressed on the final stretch to the holidays, for the music enthusiast in your life, Green Knuckle Material might just be the best gift you could give. Earlier this week the genre-shapeshifters dropped Renaissance. The EP, which packs a mighty punch with it’s five solid tracks will leave your musical hunger satisfied; while still leave you wanting a little more.

The EP kicks things off with “Lullaby”. The killer tracks sits nicely somewhere in between folk rock melancholy and the heyday of late 90’s rap-rock. I hesitate to throw around the term “nu metal” because fairly or unfairly, that term at time carries a negative connotation. With Green Knuckle Material, and more specifically “Lullaby”, you’re hard-pressed to find something negative to say.  For music fans of a certain age, the track will no doubt put your senses on high alert and remind you of the pureness and the outburst of creativity of that era in music.

The way in which the rich acoustic guitar and soft lead vocal contrast with the high energy rap breaks of “Lullaby” evoke a sense of classic 311 mixed with modern day rock production tendencies. The song’s chorus explodes upon you with simple yet relatable notions that are worth their weight in gold. I’d be remiss not to mention the surprisingly enchanting percussion that carries the track throughout. Strong, well utilized percussion can take a good song and make it great. “Lullaby” proves this.

Renaissance plays out more along the lines of a journey than an album, or EP. When a band is having fun, it often bursts out of the speakers. The members of Green Knuckle Material are no doubt having a good time and without question their music is a byproduct of their love of the craft. So this Christmas season, introduce someone to this band. Believe me, they’ll thank you for it.

Renaissance was released on December 9th, 2017 through Bad Cat Records. The band recently completed an East Coast tour so make sure to keep an eye out for when they may be bringing their brand of rock to a city near you. You can check them out on their social media and various sites below!