Chino Moreno ‘Cancels’ Deftones Bandmate Before Tour


Deftones’ Sergio Vega exiting the band came as a shock to many. Even though he left the band a year before, it was still a major blow to fans.

While Deftones have yet to say anything on the matter, Vega himself went public with the news and released a statement.

In the video statement, he revealed why he was no longer a Deftones member, saying that he wanted to be a full member of the band. This would require all four of the band members offering a percentage of their own shares in the group to give Vega a cut. Vega said that disagreements like these caused him to leave the group.

Vega spoke about the situation with Joshua Toomey on the Talk Toomey podcast (via Theprp). Vega said that he brought in his writing, arranging himself when he joined Deftones. Over the years, Vega would voice his wish to be part of any project the band was doing. But that would be it. Vega suggests that the rest of the group was satisfied with this status quo.

Vega did clarify that it was never about the money, as Deftones gave him frequent raises. He said that the main reason he left was because he felt like he didn’t belong with the group. During the pandemic, Vega’s contract got cancelled.

Vega recalled his conversation with Chino Moreno and the rest of the guys when his contract was up. He suggested that now is the right time to end this structure, and to have him as a permanent member of the band. Since it was the pandemic, they weren’t touring and the band wasn’t seeing much activity otherwise. Vega said that it doesn’t make sense to have this type of structure even after being with the group for twelve years.