Chris Cornell’s Bandmate Reveals How Women Lusted For Him


In a recent fan Q&A, former Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello was asked for his “favorite moment/ memory from performing atop the Ed Sullivan theater? 15 years ago.” Morello recounted a funny story about female fans wanting Chris Cornell to take his shirt off.

Morello responded, “Secretaries in window across the street holding up sign: "Chris! Take your shirt off!”

Morello compared Audioslave to Prophets of Rage and Rage Against The Machine in a recent Guitariste interview (translated):

“I’ve played guitar for a long time now. When I play with Rage Against The Machine, something comes out of me in particular. When it’s with Audioslave it’s still something else coming out. Prophets Of Rage does not derogate from the rule is brings me to other things too. I wanted to experiment and expand my possibilities. I wanted to make an album with a lot of guitar but without repeating myself, although I obviously wanted to incorporate my big riffs characteristics because it is important to keep this thread. When I play with Brad (Wilk) and Tim (Commerford), it’s important for us to have these big, super-effective riffs! But we also want to bring new colors and new flavors to the side.”

He also discussed the ‘Soul Power’ guitar he uses to pay tribute to Chris Cornell with at Prophets of Rage shows when the band performs “Like a Stone.”

I also use ‘Soul Power’ for the tribute we do every night for Chris Cornell when we play Audioslave’s ‘Like A Stone’ as instrumental and allowing the audience to sing. I also use a double-sided Gibson for some songs, just because she has mouth and I’m a big fan of Jimmy Page! And finally there is also the Ibanez ‘Guerilla Radio’ red and black who is back when I play the song of the same name! This Ibanez has several embedded effects but not knowing very well to use, I do not really use them. But it’s still a really cool guitar!”