Chris Cornell Brother Posts Sad Message After Tragedy


Bound by blood and an unbreakable bond, Peter Cornell shares a deep connection with his brother, Chris Cornell. To many, Cornell was the voice of two generations. One being with his time in Soundgarden, and the other being during his tenure in Audioslave which set a totally new tone for music.

For Peter Cornell, shared experiences run deeper than music as does the pain of losing a brother. Peter Cornell is now faced with a different kind of difficulty which he has endured for the better part of six years as he tries to navigate through grief while grappling with the immense loss of his brother and closest confidant.

Peter Cornell recently stated on Facebook: “I love you Brother. I miss you. The world misses you. 6 years still seems like yesterday. Much love to you all today, PC.” Fans then joined in the comment section to remember the incredible talent of Cornell fondly.

Chris Cornell was a true rock visionary. There’s no doubt about it. His extraordinary vocal range and lyrical prowess allowed him to seamlessly transition from raw power to delicate vulnerability, captivating listeners with his emotive performances. His contributions to Audioslave further showcased his ability to transcend genres, blending elements of rock, grunge, and alternative to create a truly unique sound. The loss of such a talented artist leaves a void that can never be fully filled.

For his bandmates in Soundgarden and Audioslave, the loss of Chris Cornell is immeasurable. He was not just a vocalist; he was the driving force behind the bands, infusing their music with his distinctive style and impassioned lyrics. The bandmates are left grappling with grief and facing the immense challenge of carrying on without their irreplaceable frontman. The void he left behind is a constant reminder of the profound impact he had on their lives and careers.

Many fans, including Peter Cornell expected this to be the year that Chris was celebrated into the rock and roll Hall Of Fame, but sadly, he and Soundgarden will not be inducted this year despite votes saying otherwise.