Rock Hall of Fame Choose 90’s Band Over Soundgarden


Soundgarden have been duped yet again and fans are not happy about this. It was recently released with who would be going into this year’s hall of fame. Voters were able to vote for who they feel should be in this year’s hall of fame. Sadly, Soundgarden was not inducted, even though the band finished as one of the highest bands on the list. This has all of us scratching our heads and wondering how could this happen and who has their pockets heavy for the other bands and not for Soundgarden?

The bands who will be inducted this year will include: Rage Against The Machine, Willie Nelson, Missy Elliott, Kate Bush, George Michael, Sheryl Crow and The Spinners will all be inducted during a ceremony held in Brooklyn on November 3. In addition, Chaka Khan, Al Kooper and Bernie Taupin will be honored with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s Musical Excellence Award. Meanwhile, DJ Kool Herc and Link Wray will receive the Musical Influence Award. The late creator and host of “Soul Train” Don Cornelius is this year’s recipient of the Ahmet Ertegun Award, which honors non-performing industry professionals.

It’s a sad day for Soundgarden fans, that’s for sure. It doesn’t make sense that the band is yet again being looked over and not included when they certainly should be. How much longer do we have to wait to see the band included and why aren’t they? Do votes actually matter? It doesn’t seem to be so, sadly.

There are surely bands who deserve to be on this list, but in my opinion, Soundgarden did a lot for music and do deserve some kind of credit and induction into the hall of fame. I guess there’s always next year, even though it should be this year and every year that came before it.