Chris Cornell’s Brother On Why It Seems Like There’s A Suicide ‘Shame Or Stigma’


Chris Cornell’s brother Peter has been raising awareness for suicide prevention on his Facebook page. He wrote the following note a few days ago.


Hundreds probably thousands of messages. We Grieve Together.

It’s hard to say it without sounding contrived but, THANK YOU for writing to me and sharing and caring and helping me stay upright. It’s my intention to write back to each of you but I’m failing miserably. Your generosity knows no bounds and I can’t keep up.

So many of you have been touched by a similar experience. I had no idea how many people have had something like this happen in their world. I’m sorry for your loss. 4 weeks and I’m still shattered.

Sometimes I’m wordy as hell, tonight The words are a little stubborn. I just want to keep remembering to tell you thank you. Thank you for loving him and loving his art and sharing the pain of your loss with me. When I read your messages it takes me out of myself for a minute. That single moment when you realize you aren’t alone in something. There is some peace in that.

Much love to you and your families.
Hug your brothers!

He also wrote the following.

Me and Tennessee (Tenny) the wonder dog doing push ups with a walk by cameo by the Goose.

The single thing I’ve discovered through this process;

There are so many people whose lives have been touched by suicide. I had no idea. And almost universally, people don’t talk about it. It seems like there is a shame or stigma attached to it. It’s time to start talking. Much love to you and your families.

Day #6 — Suicide Prevention.

The World Health Organization reports 800,000 suicides per year worldwide.

Join me to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

23 pushups a day for23 days and challenge 23 friends.

Maybe we can help spare another family the devastation. / 800-273-8255

Copy and paste this message and film/post your pushups.

Join me to raise awareness.