John Lennon Revealed If He Was Really Straight


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon revealed why ‘there’s nothing like being straight’ in an unearthed quote on his Twitter page. John Lennon having an awful meeting that broke up The Beatles was recently revealed in a photo.

“If people take any notice of what we say, we say we’ve been through the drug scene, man, and there’s nothing like being straight.”

He also discussed “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” and what it meant to him. “We’re very proud of that one and we both played and sang together on that one… might have been our first straight pop record together and Phil was the producer and it was a beautiful session and the kids singing were beautiful.”

He also said, “We are both artists! Peace is our art. We believe that because of everything I was as a Beatle and everything that we are now, we stand a chance of influencing other young people. And it is they who will rule the world tomorrow.”

He said about how The Beatles sound was so unique they could not be pigeonholed, “There is not one thing that’s Beatle music. How can they talk about it like that? What is Beatle music? Walrus or Penny Lane? Which? It’s too diverse: I Want to Hold Your Hand or Revolution Number Nine?” Paul McCartney revealed what he and John Lennon rejected before his death yesterday.