Chris Cornell Was Considering Doing Something Innovative With Audioslave


Tom Morello discussed Audioslave and Chris Cornell in a new Music Feeds interview, and the innovative idea they had for a reunion tour where Audioslave’s set would be in the middle of Prophets of Rage’s.

MF: Same here! Now dude, if it’s ok with you, I’d love to ask you about the last Audioslave gig you played earlier this year. After everything that’s happened since — obviously losing Chris — how do you look back on that show now?

TM: Well, I just say “thank god we played it”, you know? Audioslave hadn’t played in 12 years, although I’d played another show with Chris about a year before that. And it was wonderful to be close friends and to rock again and to play some Audioslave songs and stand next to him onstage with his – you know – his rock god powerful self, and his amazing voice and his amazing hair and his amazing whole thing, you know? It was wonderful. And we hung out afterwards and it was lovely, and we talked about doing it again. And now he’s gone. It’s a horrible tragedy for those of us who knew and loved him and it’s a horrible tragedy for music. Because he’s one of the best of all time.

MF: Wow, so you guys had legitimately been planning to do more with Audioslave?

TM: Yeah, just that night, the last thing Chris said to me was, “I had a great time, let’s do this again, just let me know when”. And we started talking about maybe doing some sort of similar thing where maybe it would be a Prophets Of Rage show and then we would drop an Audioslave set into the middle of it, and we’d have a ball.

MF: Fuck…

TM: That sounds like a great thing, but that’s not what’s going to happen now.

MF: And what about unreleased Audioslave recordings – are there any in the vault?

TM: Yeah, there are. From each of the three records there are some really great songs that did not – for reasons that had nothing to do with quality of song – did not make the cut on those records. And I’m sure they’ll come out at some point. But, you know, not right now.

MF: So no plans to release them any time soon?

TM: No, there’s no plans. This is the kind of thing where – if I say the wrong thing – it gets quoted [laughs]. There are no plans to put it out but it does exist and I don’t think anyone’s opposed to it coming out at some point.