Chris Cornell Daughter Confirms Famous Boyfriend


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily Cornell Silver has confirmed that she is dating model Billy Keogh. Billy posted a photo shoot with Lily, writing, “Target ads incoming🎯.” Lily commented, “Love you.”

Lily also posted a beach selfie with Billy, writing, “Good day sunshine.” One fan commented, “Natural beauty. Your eyes are the keys to your soul.

They show they are full of Love. Not one ounce of hate. Good for you Lily. Continue to brush off any BS and you’ll see that they will stop eventually, because they don’t get a reaction from you which only pisses them off. It backfires on them.”

Another fan said, “So nice to see people being happy for a change of pace!! 2020 has been full of doom and gloom from the first week of January. Another nice gift for us NYC area people–no Santacon this year. No puking and brawling Santa Bros & Hos stinking up the joint. Enjoy the end of year safely!”

Lily Cornell Silver recently made her live singing debut at Alice In Chains’ MoPOP Founders’ Award show, performing “Black Gives Way To Blue” with a special introduction from her mother, legendary Alice In Chains and Soundgarden manager Susan Silver.