Eddie Vedder Wife Reacts To Attack On Vacation


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder has reacted to attacks from haters over the Vedder family traveling to Hawaii for the Christmas holiday.

Jill wrote on social media, “In the state of Washington our COVID tests are free. It is not a crime to see my sister and her son. The hate and attacks for dancing with my sister and our kids is shameful. I hope 2021 brings a different attitude.

I understand this year has been brutal on everyone but to assume I think I am better than anyone else or follow a different set of rules is such BS. I am not holding big ass parties and I do not have a ‘staff’ as some have implied ..

Sure wish I did because I’m really sick of doing dishes .. Please focus on your own lives and don’t worry or assume things about mine .. also dance with your kids.. it’s good for you.”

Bebe_mamma commented, “You literally said you took covid tests to do that! Out of all people, you’d be the last to be careless. Don’t even waste your thoughts on those people!”

Its_thelomo added, “I loved that pic. You should post it again because you have nothing to explain to anyone. Zero judgment here only love and light. The Vedder’s are the epitome of good humans in my book!”