Chris Cornell Daughter Makes Emotional Pearl Jam Claim


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily Cornell Silver discussed Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains’ impact in a new interview.

Ultimate-Guitar asked, “I feel like a common therapeutic thread that most people have is music. I’m curious, from your standpoint, being brought up in a musical environment, and being exposed to the business side of the music business, is music still something you view as being therapeutic?”

Lily responded, “That’s so interesting that you say that, because sometimes I almost hesitate to say that its therapeutic, just because of what I witnessed growing up in the industry. I think that music, as an art form, in and of itself, is absolutely therapeutic. I think the music industry is about as far from therapeutic as you can possibly get. It’s such a double-edged sword. Music saves lives. Music saved my life. I’ve had tons of people tell me that my dad’s music saved their life or that Alice In Chains, the band that my mom manages, that their music saved their life, or that Pearl Jam saved their life. So I know it to be a very therapeutic thing, but I think that once you’re in the industry, it’s a totally different story.”