Chris Cornell’s Daughter Opens Up About Nirvana & Seattle


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily answered fan questions during a recent Tumblr AMA. She discussed Nirvana, living in Seattle, and upcoming new Seattle artists she manages, following in the footsteps of her mother Susan Silver, who managed Soundgarden and Alice In Chains during their hey days in the 1990’s. Also for those unhip to modern abbreviations, ‘ofc’ means ‘of course.’

Do you like Nirvana?


Hi, what do like most about Seattle and what do you like least about Seattle?

i love my people in seattle and i think the city itself beautiful but i hate how small it feels and i fucking hate the weather

favorite The Who album?

the kids are alright

You are a manager? Who are you managing?


why are you doing this question thing?

i’ve been sick in bed for five days i’m running out of activities

what’s a show/movie you recommend to watch?

the disaster artist was dope

What’s your favorite neighborhood in Seattle?

west is best !!

Do you like your hair better short or long?

i can’t decide!!

Do u like Lana Del Rey

kind of

Hej Lily . Have you ever been to Australia?

no 🙁