Courtney Love Reveals If She Gave Kurt Cobain Drugs


Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love appeared to shoot down rumors that she got Kurt Cobain hooked on heroin in a response to a comment on a photo she posted of Kurt where she seemed to blame a big name for his death.

gabrielsdeletedaccount commented, “You’re the reason he got hooked on heroin.”

Courtney Love responded, “@gabrielsdeletedaccount ?”

dl__44 chimed in, “@gabrielsdeletedaccount he got hooked on heroin by his own doing, first weed helped his IBS, when it stopped helping, he turned to heroin. Their relationship definitely contributed to the ferociousness of his addiction, but naming her the sole reason of his addiction is inaccurate, he chose to shoot up by his own will.”

Courtney Love posted a photo of a sad drug bottle a few days ago. Courtney also saw Green Day live yesterday, “Motherfucking GREEN DAY American 🇺🇸idiot .. god bless America, let’s treasure it and our great culture. This is September 10, the night before 9/11 18th anniversary. Reflect with me on that.. so profound.people sleeping their last sleeps 18 years ago. 💔I take nothing for granted in my life, grateful for my dog, my kid, my friends, rock and roll, movies, fashion, poetry, all the wonderful things given to me by the greatest country on earth. So blessed . God bless America. I truly do mean it. It’s complicated, but it’s our nation. It’s the best there is. Grateful to be a citizen.”

She later wrote about the Sackler family, “Yep. She’s a Billionare many many times over without a repentant bone in her body .. ‘why don’t you whine about heroin instead’ she wrote on twitter, I’ll tell you why #davidsackler #sacklerfamilydrugcartel because heroin SUCKS next to #oxycontin! Your daddy #richardsackler for whom, joss explains in town and country, everyone had such huge love and outpouring of respect for when alive (it was early days yet and people didn’t know how evil he was-oh yeah- he threw cash at classy blue chip museums and universities/ louvre- met- yale/ oxford – no Sackler ever appears to have donated a filthy penny towards helping US. Just building a WHITE PORCELAIN PAVILION OUTSIDE IN THE V AND A IN LONDON.. coz #opioidcrisis needs that..

@chinfnar77 #davidsackler daddy #richardsackler made SURE our ms contin( contin for continuous as in through the night ) system felt really really good! The best! And the recipe has not been beaten. #junkiesruinedit say the #sacklerfamilydrugcartel playtime over .. yes .i need strength in numbers . 4 days ago I only knew that Sackler meant ‘ big Pharma’ and vaguely? #oxycontin, today ? 4 days later? I can put a name and a face on the evil 👿 f**ks who continue to disgrace their family with #mundipharma poisoning the world with OxyContin roll out again. #bigtobaccoplaybook. Educate yourself. I need and we all need strength in numbers from these psychopaths with no repentance.” Frances Bean Cobain revealed a funeral insult a couple of days ago.