Chris Cornell & Dave Grohl Unheard ‘Tapes’ Finally Revealed


A previously unheard Chris Cornell interview will be released on the Season 2 premiere of ‘Dave’s Old Interview Tapes’ later this week, with host David Lindquist. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was featured in the first season. A preview clip has been released, where ironically enough Cornell details having unheard tapes, on a show about unheard tapes. Cornell discussed the ‘Singles’ soundtrack, and Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Cornell said he had always considered writing down 10 song titles, and then after a week writing the songs based on the visuals he saw in his head. He said when he saw the song titles on the ‘Singles’ set, he realized he could finally do this idea.

“Looking at the titles, who visions does it invoke? What would a song like Seasons sound like? Then very quickly writing it. I really didn’t think very much about it. Cameron’s response first was that he wanted the song in the movie, and he used bits of the song throughout as incidental music. It was also played on the radio a lot.

It was on the soundtrack, and I think that’s what people heard for the first time, even moreso than Temple of the Dog, as something that was a very big departure. But for me, I have tapes and tapes of things like that lying around. It was sometimes appropriate for Soundgarden, sometimes not.”