Nine Inch Nails Icon Reveals Heartbreaking Secret


Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese revealed his secret feelings about the death of Walter Becker nearly 2 years after his death.

“Bummed I never knew or got to play with Walter Becker. Been a lifelong fan of his and listen to him almost every day (especially out on the road.) I’ve always said that between him and Donald, I bet he was the easier hang. He seemed like a cool guy. Did you know that he sorta indirectly liked The Vandals? At least one song that he heard. That’s a whole separate post/story for another time. RIP Walter. #11tracksofwhack #walterbecker #steelydan.”

He also recently posted that if his wife sold a home, he could turn down more offers. “My wife and her partner just put this 3 bedroom/3 bath house in Los Angeles on the market today (Yes, link in bio if you’re interested or know someone who might be.) You might be saying to yourself “Josh, why you gotta be pimping your wife and her real estate out here?”

Well, we have 4 kids and I figure the more houses she sells the less I have to say yes to every last band that calls me when I’m home and trying to just write punk songs in my garage and walk my poodles around the neighborhood. It’s not that I’m not grateful to work and all that. Yes, I am but…can you dig?? Lynn in Bible. Lick it Dio! Shit…link in bio. 🏡🐩🙌 @lisaandnic.”