Watch Chris Cornell’s Father Yell At Him On TV Special


Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell premiered on the Reelz Channel on Sunday, and the episode discussed Cornell’s upbringing with his parents Ed and Karen. The show claims that Ed and Karen were alcoholics as Chris was growing up, and showed a scene with actors playing a young Chris Cornell and his father Ed Boyle. In the fictional scene, Chris is playing with a record as his father looks on disinterested and drinking alcohol. As Chris starts tapping the record, Ed yells at him.

The episode later delves into Chris’ own issues with alcoholism, who he overcame after a stint in rehab in 2002.

There are also scenes of the fictional young Chris in his room looking unhappy. Cornell didn’t have a relationship with his parents in the final years of his life, though he remained close with his mother in the 1990’s during his run with Soundgarden and the early Euphoria Morning years of his solo career. In his later years, he only wished his mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis a happy mother’s day, and referred to her as his mother.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, feel free to go go to and look up an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Below are some photos from the dramatized scenes of Chris Cornell’s childhood from the TV special.