Ajay Mathur’s Little Boat Is A Modern Day Masterpiece


Grammy Nominated musician Ajay Mathur has returned with his latest album, Little Boat. For fans familiar with his work, Little Boat presents itself as the wonderful next step in his musical evolution. Consistency- especially when it comes to musical output is a rare commodity. It’s no surprise Ajay Mathur raised the stakes on Little Boat. Throughout the album’s robust 13 song track list, what stands most apparent is that much like his impressive body of work, Little Boat is a nonstop onslaught of riveting lyrics, fantastic musicianship and beautiful vocal lines comprised of killer lyrics. Little Boat is a modern day masterpiece.

“Forget Yesterday” boasts some fantastic harmonica playing. The overall vibe is reminiscent of classic song writers like Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison and Billy Joel. The relaxed, playful feel is as inviting as it is addictive. “My Wallet is a House of Cards” is a standout track. In fact, it might be the song of the album. The line, “My credit card is my key to Heaven” may be the best lyric I’ve heard in ages. The sardonic humor and tongue in cheek lyrics provided only help to showcase the Mathur’s strong grasp of his craft.

Title track “Little Boat” weaves throughout- like an actual boat on the ocean. Gushes of slide guitar surround you. Melancholy and beautiful, the soulful track expertly encapsulates the overall feel of the album. Self-reflection and self-fulfillment play a big role through out the album. The ability for one to come to terms with life and not only understand it, but embrace it are qualities all too forgotten in the world today. Ajay Mathur has an innate ability to craft tales of the life around him.

His poetic lyrics are carry a lot of weight in the music. And with a musical soundscape as rich and full, that says a lot. There is the sense of competition in his music. Lyrics trying to out do the instrumentation. And vice versa. And with this internal struggle, Mathur’s music is able to constantly eclipse a new level as it progresses. A true tour de force. If you were stranded in the ocean- an ocean of uninspired generic, computer-built music- Ajay Mathur’s Little Boat is the exact life float you need to return to the wonderful world of good music!

Check out Little Boat by Ajay Mathur!