Watch Chris Cornell Final Minutes Before Death From Autopsy Special


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Following fan boycott campaigns, the controversial ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell’ premiered Sunday night on Reelz Channel (you can watch if you subscribe right now on Reelz Now), and it features a dramatized version of Cornell’s final minutes alive featuring actors as he arrived at the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit following Soundgarden’s final performance.

It first shows Chris Cornell and his bodyguard Martin Kirsten arriving outside the hotel, with Cornell stopping to sign autographs for fans. Cornell and Kirsten are then shown in a hotel hallway outside of their rooms, with Kirsten giving Cornell two Ativan pills. Cornell is then seen in his hotel room speaking to his wife Vicky on the phone, before hanging up after an argument over his use of prescription drugs. Vicky tries calling Chris again, and he does not pick up. Martin Kirsten then gets a call from Vicky to check on Chris.

He knocks on the door to no answer, and tries opening the door with his key to Chris’ room but he sees that it’s locked from the inside. He calls the hotel front desk for help, but they won’t send anybody. Martin then kicks down the door and is shown in the living room area of Cornell’s hotel suite. Cornell’s bedroom door is also locked from the inside, and after trying to get the hotel staff to help him on the phone, he kicks down that door as well after six attempts, and we tragically know what he sees next, and it’s a depiction I wish they had not shown. Below are some photos from the special of how Cornell entering the hotel was dramatized. We’re choosing not to post anything from once Kirsten enters the hotel room, as it’s not something I want to have to see again.