Chris Cornell & Jerry Cantrell Unheard Song Revealed


Jerry Cantrell recently released his newest album under his solo act and fans are all excited to see what the legendary guitarist, song writer, and vocalist has to speak on for the latest project.

In a recent interview, Cantrell was asked about his late friend, Chris Cornell. Supposedly, there are demos floating around that feature Jerry Cantrell on the same tape as Chris Cornell.

Corbin Reiff of Spin asked Cantrell: “This is kind of random, but I was talking to Michael Beinhorn a while back, the producer who worked on Superunknown with Soundgarden. He mentioned to me once, that Chris Cornell sent him a demo tape during that time that had an early version of “Black Hole Sun” and “Tighter and Tighter” along with a song you played on called “Anxious.” I’m curious if you remember working on that one at all?”

Jerry Cantrell answered: “I don’t remember the tune. I’d like to hear that myself. I do remember hanging out with Chris quite a bit. We all did. We’d go on late-night hikes out in the park with the dogs and stuff. Me and [Alice in Chains drummer] Sean [Kinney] and him and a case of beer. Just kind of hanging out. Or over at his house. He had a great jam room built in the garage. I wrote “Rooster” in he and [Alice in Chains/Soundgarden manager] Susan [Silver’s] house in West Seattle. It was a tight-knit community. I always really admired Chris and looked up to him. I thought he was an amazing talent. I remember messing around with him on a few things here and there, like on ideas and stuff. If I heard it, I would probably know what you were talking about. I don’t specifically remember something that we recorded that he intended to work on, but I’m sure there’s a few of those.”

Upon looking online, I was actually not able to find the demo that Corbin was referring to, which means that it is out of the reach of the public for the time being.