Marilyn Manson Throws Shade At Satanists In Photo


Marilyn Manson has seen a resurgence in his relevancy lately and not for the best of reasons. A few months ago, Manson was ousted for allegedly doing some pretty heinous things sexually to women and this has haunted him ever since word of that started to spread across the internet.

Recently, we saw Marilyn Manson join Justin Beiber and Kanye West at a church sermon which also had the internet set on fire just due to seeing the three of these people at the same place and of course, also because Marilyn Manson was at a church sermon afterall.

The buck doesn’t stop here though. Now, Marilyn Manson seems to be turning his back on  his old ways as, at the sermon, Justin Bieber recited a prayer and Marilyn Manson was all for it even to a point of agreeing with what was being said.

As reported by TMZ, Kanye West and Marilyn Manson were seen touching foreheads together as Justin Bieber kept his hood on most of the time to avoid much interaction.

Thanks to Kenny Bear on Twitter, here’s what we have: “Justin bieber just said ‘we cast out any demonic presence on this day in the name of jesus’ and marilyn manson nodded.”

Could this be a new Marilyn Manson that we haven’t seen before? Could the Anti-Christ Superstar turn to the Jesus Christ Superstar? We await what’s next.