Chris Cornell & Kurt Cobain Statues Criticized By Seattle Weekly


A new Seattle Weekly article reviewed the statues of Seattle’s greatest rock icons, including Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix.

The Hendrix one is viewed as the best one by the writer, while the infamous Kurt Cobain crying statue is viewed as one he would have hated. The new Chris Cornell statue is described as a ‘worthy addition’ but ‘slightly stiff.’ Below are some quotes from the article:

“The flowing hair is accurately captured, but the figure also nails some little wardrobe details like his dog tags and boots. The biggest issue seems to be in the face, which lacks some of the sharpness of Cornell’s features. Honestly, the piece’s best detail work can probably be found in his Gibson guitar, which looks tremendous.”

“When you think of Chris Cornell, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? (Hint: It’s not his guitar playing.) His voice. The man had the most formidable pipes in grunge music, so it seems odd to have an immortalized version of Cornell with his mouth closed. Sure it’s more difficult for the sculptor, but he should be bellowing, right? While this is an absurd statement to make about a chunk of unmoving bronze, this depiction of Cornell just feels slightly stiff.”

“While the Cornell statue is a worthy edition to the Seattle rock-icon public-art sphere (light years better than the Cobain tribute), it still can’t quite match the pure rocking vibe of Hendrix’s monument.”