Chris Cornell Makes Bold Marriage Revelation In Leaked Video


Wednesday was the 15th anniversary of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s marriage to his wife Vicky, and a previously unseen leaked video from their wedding has surfaced on a fan page, where Cornell boldly credits his brother-in-law Nick for ensuring he would be able to marry Vicky.

“I especially want to thank my godfather and my brother in law Nick Blast. The main reason why is because when I first started dating Vicky, he didn’t kill me. In fact, he kind of made it okay. He kind of had to talk Vicky’s mom into the idea that maybe I’m an alright guy. So I kind of owe all of this to Nick, so thank you very much.”

Vicky wrote on Instagram last year, “Paris, 14 years ago today, a fairytale wedding. I’m grateful to you for the magic you brought into my life that changed me forever. Every day I miss you more….. #chriscornell #chriscornellforever #noonesingslikeyouanymore.”

She also recently posted, “A few weeks after meeting Chris in Paris for the first time, we met up again in London. We were sitting in his living room and All Night Thing came on the radio and I said, ‘Oh, I love this song.’ Now Chris has just finished making fun of how I’m a pop girl;) So he says, ‘You’re kidding right ?’ And I respond, ‘Why is this cheesy too?’ And he starts laughing, ‘That’s me.’ It was a little, very embarrassing I admit. It remains one of my favorites. He would sing it to me all the time. And at our weddiing along with what would later become ‘Josephine’ and my other favorite, his cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Crazy Love.'”